Hampton Festival ~ The Little Festival

A Taste of Fun for the little ones!

Whether it’s observing birds, practicing yoga, learning about bees, interacting with llamas, painting rainbow pots, getting face painted, playing in the sand, or exploring the Toy Library, children are bound to have a memorable and enriching experience the Hampton Festival.

The Hampton Festival caters to people of all ages, and particularly shines in its program for the young ones. With a wide array of engaging activities and workshops, the festival ensures that children have a fantastic time while learning and exploring the wonders of nature and creativity.

One of the highlights of the program is the Noticing Birds Around Australia  activity. Children are given the opportunity to observe various bird species in their natural habitat, guided by Monty the bird watching platypus, as he teaches the children about noticing birds around Australia. It’s an educational and exciting experience that sparks curiosity about the avian world.

For those looking for a more serene and calming activity, there’s Yoga. Young participants can join yoga sessions designed specifically for their age group, where they learn different poses, breathing techniques, and mindfulness exercises. Yoga not only helps improve flexibility and physical well-being but also encourages relaxation and inner balance.

Another workshop that captivates young minds is the Learn About Bee Workshop. Here, children delve into the incredible world of bees by listening to an interactive talk with Craig from Bee Raw, where the kiddies can see inside a hive, and taste honey fresh from the hive. This interactive workshop fosters an appreciation for these industrious insects and raises awareness about the importance of their conservation.


For budding artists, the festival offers Rainbow Pot making with Tinker. This workshop combines creativity and craftsmanship as children paint and decorate ceramic pots with vibrant colors, creating their own masterpieces. It’s a hands-on activity that encourages self-expression and nurtures artistic talent. Colour your world with Rainbow Pots! Get creative with colours, then grow your favourite herbs from seed. 

Face Painting is always a hit with the young crowd. Skilled face painters from Smiles and Rainbows transform children into their favourite characters or animals, allowing their imaginations to run wild. Is it a tiger? Is it a puppy? Is it a Butterfly? You decide! Chat to the talented Face Painters from Smiles and Rainbows and let them create something amazing! 

Sand & Nature Play provides an opportunity for kids to engage in unstructured play with Nature Play by Katie. Use different textures and shapes found in the bush to build something from the depths of your imagination. They can build sandcastles, dig, explore, and let their creativity soar. This activity encourages free play, imagination, and a deeper connection with the environment.

To cater to the diverse interests of children, the festival also features out door toys from Crows Nest Toy Library. Kids can enjoy the range of outdoor play toys, provided and ensures that every child can find something that piques their interest and keeps them entertained throughout the festival.

There’s something for everyone at the ‘Little Festival’.

Scheduled activities:

10.00am – Yoga for kids (aimed at under 6)

10.30am – Noticing birds around Australia

11.30am – Yoga for kids (aimed at 6+)

12.30pm – Noticing Birds around Australia

2.00pm – Learn about Bees


All day activities:

Llama Experience

Rainbow Pots with Tinker

Face Painting

Sand & Nature Play

Toy Library

The All Day Llama Experiences offer a unique chance for children to interact with these gentle and friendly creatures. 

Meet Guinness & Napoleon, the friendly local llamas, sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. You’ll be fascinated by our fluffy friends. Kids can feed, pet, and lead llamas on short walks, creating unforgettable memories and deepening their understanding of animal behavior and care.

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