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The annual Hampton Festival is a celebration of local produce, gourmet industries and the Hampton district's creative culture.

Hampton Weekend Workshops

workshops - saturday 19 may

Come and enjoy the fantastic workshops on offer on Saturday 19 May - the day before the Hampton Festival.  Learn new skills or follow your passion at one of these food and art experiences conducted by experts in their field.  There are eight really exciting workshops to choose from. Please book early as places are strictly limited. To book the following workshops please click the button below.

  • creative Floral workshops                   - 2 x workshops -Style that table & European style hand-held bouquets  

  • Wild Weaving (SOld out)

  • introduction to aquaponics

  • Fermenting

  • Japanese essential: Make your own Miso

  • Beer & Cheese matching

  • Vietnamese cooking class & traditional lunch (SOLD OUT)

Every workshop booking includes a complimentary ticket to the Hampton Festival on Sunday 20 May.



Japanese essential: make your own Miso workshop

Saturday 19 May - 10.00am to 12noon

Venue Chef's Marquee, Chapman Park, Hampton

Price - $125 per person

You will be making approx.500g of rice miso to take home, using locally produced organic ingredients.

Have you ever wondered what exactly Miso is, and how Japanese people use it? Or how you can introduce healthy Japanese ingredients like miso to your everyday meals?

Come and learn the secret to the Japanese diet.  Sasakani Kobo, organic miso producers, makes the most delicious organic miso you can imagine.

Making miso is a very simple process, yet fermentation can be tricky. This workshop will provide you with the tuition and guidance to produce quality miso. Once you have learnt, you will be confident to make your own batch at home.   Class includes:

  • Information session to satisfy your curiosity including facts, history, fermentation process, etc., 
  • Guided tasting session to experience the real taste of what you will be making. You will taste 6 varieties of Sasakani Kobo's original miso paste and their miso soup with thier original vegan stock.
  • Hands-on miso making session 

Take home items:

1. Miso Sample Pack (6 varieties – about 200g of total volume),
2. Your own miso paste prepared in a Weck glass jar (500ml) and ready to be matured,
3. Printed recipes to make Sasakani Kobo’s original vegan stock & miso soup,
4. Printed instructions which cover everything you need to make your own organic miso paste at home. 


floral fun workshops

Saturday 19 May

Venue - 69 Brennan Road, Hampton                   (Please note change of venue)

Price - $75 per person

Two floral workshops are on offer.

Learn how to make the most of gorgeous seasonal flowers with our floral workshops taught by Lisel Vonhoff from Belle Bouquets. Lisel has been working with flowers for the last 5 years, both as a paper flower artist and as a grower/florist. It is her passion to encourage and remove the intimidation from floral arranging, leaving participants inspired and excited to work more freely with flowers in a spirit of exploration and creativity. Lisel if offering two workshops. The morning class will teach creative flower table arrangements that  can easily be re-created at home for any event, be it a simple dinner or a family event, maybe even a wedding! In the afternoon she will teach simple and easy European styled hand tied bouquets which make perfect gifts for friends or loved ones.

1. 'Style that Table' floral workshop - 9.30am - 11.00am    (SOLD OUT)

Learn how to create a table arrangement that wows! Sometimes we just want to pretty up the dinner table for our spontaneous party or maybe even for a date night? It is amazing how easy making a stunning centrepiece can be and with the simplest of floral pieces. In this class we will learn a few basics to create a table centrepiece in a simple bowl or vase.  All floral materials,  bowls and vases are included in this class.

2. 'Beautiful European style Hand-held Bouquets' workshop -1.00pm - 3.00pm   

Learn the beautiful and timeless European style of hand tied bouquets which make the perfect gift for someone special. This is also a wonderful class for the DIY bride and her bridesmaids. In this class you learn some tips and tricks using seasonal blooms and foliage. All floral materials are included in this class.

fermenting 2.jpg

fermenting workshop            

Saturday 19 May - 1.00pm - 4.00pm

Venue - Chef's Marquee, Chapman Park, Hampton

Price - $125 per person

Get hands-on in this interactive workshop, looking at the current trends of fermentation in both sourdough starters, fermented fruit sodas and kombucha. Originating in ancient times,  fermenting has seen a resurgence within Australia recently due to its health benefits which can include boosting your immune system and easing digestive problems. Fermented food and drinks adds flavour, probiotics and can boost the nutritional value of certain foods, increasing their vitamin richness. The workshop will include:

Sourdough - 

  • Starter basics – how to grow your own and care for it
  • Cornbread – how to make this from your own starter – demonstration of recipe
  • Pancakes – make your own pancake batter and cook your own

Drinks -

  • SCOBY basics – (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) kombucha starter, origins of the SCOBY and why do you need one and how to look after it
  • Carbonation – bottling to create carbonated kombucha and sodas
  • Ginger Bugs (starter for fruit sodas) - how to make one and create your own sodas
  • Mead (honey-based alcohol) - how to make your own mead from raw honey and berries

* Tastings include – corn bread, pancakes, kombucha, seasonal fruit soda and mead.           * Take away kits include a sourdough starter, SCOBY, bottle, steriliser and jar for flavoured kombucha. 

Presented by Naomi (Nims xx) Zavackas (Jam Pantry) and Ross Clark (Chef Rawlings, The Growing Kitchen). Both chef presenters have a wealth of knowledge within hospitality and bring a passion for educating with a lot of fun and exuberance.


wild weaving workshop

Saturday 19 May - 9.00am -11.30am

Venue - 9 Ronald St, Pechey (6 mins north of Hampton)

Price - $45 per person (SOLD OUT)

Enjoy a hands-on experience manipulating organic materials and gain an insight  into the formation and weaving techniques to make unique creations for practical or decorative use.   You will be using common vines and different readily found items to learn the basics of wild weaving. You will be able to try out your skills and form the structure for a design that you can then complete at home if you don't get time to finish at the workshops.  Please bring a pair of secateurs, if possible.  


introduction to aquaponics workshop

Saturday 19 May - 9.30am-11.30am

Venue - Reflections- Lake Cooby, 239 Loveday Rd, Geham (17 mins southwest of Hampton)

Price - $47 per person

Are you interested in growing fresh herbs and vegetables? Do you hate watering and back aches from digging but enjoy the benefit and convenience of growing your own produce? Maybe you are a person that loves gardening but is looking to expand your knowledge and learn a more environmentally efficient way to get fresh herbs and vegetables along with fish protein? If so, then this is the workshop for you.

Come and spend a couple of hours with Michael McKeon at Reflections and learn about aquaponics: the growing of plants and fish together in the one connected system.


Vietnamese 2.jpg

Vietnamese cooking class &traditional lunch

Saturday 19 May - 10.00 -12.30  (Lunch - 12.30 followed by optional bush walk)

Venue - Tweeters Country Getaway, 6065 New England Hwy, Glenaven (20 mins north of Hampton) 

Price - $49 per person  (SOLD OUT)

Enjoy the wonderful flavours of traditional Vietnamese cooking and learn how to get a true taste of Vietnam in your own home kitchen. Thuy will demonstrate traditional recipes and share her family tips and secrets with you.  As part of the cooking class you will discover how to master the art of rolling and filling your own rice paper rolls and spring rolls plus learn traditional Vietnamese dipping sauce recipes.

Following the cooking class you will share a special Vietnamese lunch enjoying wonderful dishes from Thuy’s home country. Thuy comes from Tay Ninh province in Vietnam. Peter & Thuy have an amazing vegetable garden with varieties of vegetables that you don’t normally see in home vegetable gardens. Come and share this Vietnamese experience with them.  

As a bonus optional extra you can experience amazing scenery, wildlife and the ancient untouched natural gorge on a 2 hour bushwalk with Peter after lunch (no additional cost).

Beer & cheese.jpg

beer & cheese matching workshop

Saturday 19 May  - 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Venue - Reflections- Lake Cooby, 239 Loveday Rd, Geham (17 mins southwest of Hampton)

Price - $60 per person

Beer's ability to pair with cheese surprises many and leaves a lasting impression on people who experience it, especially those who feel they don't like beer. Discover something surprising about beer as you experience a beer and cheese matching with BeerMatt, Matt Kirkegaard.

Matt will present five of the finest Australian and imported cheeses, each perfectly matched to a craft beers for a tasting that offers one of the best ways to really get a sense of how versatile beer is as a food match. You will learn about beers and beer styles, as the principles of beer and food matching












This workshop will provide you with an introduction to how to set up your own aquaponics system. We want to make this fun and relaxed for you to learn a little more about an alternative gardening system.

What does the workshop cover? 
- Overview of the principles of aquaponics
- Ability to interact and view a working aquaponics system
- System components and design ideas
- How to monitor water quality and maintain your system
- Fish selection, quality, feeding and care
- Suitable plants
- Maintenance of the system

Please note: Bookings for this workshop are direct with Reflections. Click the booking button to book