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The annual Hampton Festival is a celebration of local produce, gourmet industries and the Hampton district's creative culture.

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Thanks for coming to the 2019 Hampton FESTIVAL!

The next Hampton Festival will be held on Sunday 17 May, 2020 with all the great food, art and cultural activities that make the Festival a wonderful family day out. A wide range of food events, dinners, music and artistic activities and workshops will be held over the weekend of the 15-17 May, 2020.

2020 Hampton Festival - Sunday 17 may

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local food

We love good food! The Hampton Festival started championing fine fare made from local ingredients long before the arrival of TV cooking shows and celebrity chefs. We're glad to see that the rest of Australia is catching up, and food is being put firmly in its rightful position as one of the most important aspects of our lives and the broader culture. Check out the Festival's wide range of food vendors, wineries, cafes and artisan producers, and head over to the Growers on the Green precinct to see, taste and experience how your food is produced.


art and music

The Hampton area is a rich breeding ground for artists, who draw from the area's natural beauty to inspire a diverse range of work. The Hampton Art Exhibition pays special tribute to our local creatives, and always has an exciting line up of great artists.  Experience one of the hands-on food and art workshops and new initiatives! The Festival encourages young artists and musicians who feature in the Art and Growers on the Green precincts. Enjoy a great mix of live music to enjoy while sampling food and wine, plus plenty more to inspire!

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farming community

One of the underlying aims of the Hampton Festival is to foster a thriving farming culture in the "high country" north of Toowoomba. To this end, we're proud to support our farmers and edible gardeners by offering their goodies for sale at our ever-popular Community Produce Stall and at our diverse range of market stalls. You'll find a cornucopia of fresh produce, eggs, honey, preserves, bread and much more. Call past, grab your ingredients for dinner, as well as a few treats, and have a chat with the local growers while you're at it.


Hampton Festival is a member of High Country Hamlets

Hampton Festival is a member of High Country Hamlets

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