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The annual Hampton Festival is a celebration of local produce, gourmet industries and the Hampton district's creative culture.

Artists in Residence

One of the goals of the Hampton Festival is to foster the development of the arts in the local community. We achieve this by providing an outlet for the work of established and up-and-coming artists.

The artists in residence demonstrations give patrons visiting the Festival an insight into a number of different artistic mediums and all demonstrating artists are keen to share their knowledge and passion with Festival visitors.

2018 artists demonstrating were:

  • Barbara Scott - Fluid Acrylics

  • Marie Kruger - Weaving

  • Julie Sweeney - Eco Printing on Natural Fibre

  • Margaret Shaw - Mosaics

Artsworx demonstrating artists are:

  • Aurora Elwell - charcoal

  • Lauren Covey - ceramics

Barbara Scott 400x 533.jpg


Barbara Scott’s art career began in 1969 at the South Australian School of Art.  Since then she has been a teacher of art, a developer of Aboriginal artefact industries, a super fine woollen garment manufacturer and an acclaimed felt maker and textile artist.  Her solo exhibitions have had excellent responses. She was recognised in 1996 as the Australian Rural Woman of the Year and the Sydney Business Woman of the Year in 1997.

Barbara will be demonstrating Fluid Art Acrylics. Also known as paint pouring or flow art this form of abstract art uses acrylic paints with a runny consistency.  Barbara will be using Boom Gel Stain, an Australian product that is nontoxic and that can be used on many substrates- wood, glass, canvas. This medium is suitable for all levels.

Wild weaving 2A(resized).jpg

Marie Kruger - Weaving

As a multimedia artist, Marie enjoys creating art & craft items in many genres.  Her knowledge of weaving came from her own curiosity and was expanded at a very early Hampton Festival workshop.  With pliable vines, strappy leaves and found objects, basketry, wall hangings, wreaths and items are made.  She has been successful with winning Crows Nest Show prizes, exhibited in galleries, art shows and sells items at the Crows Nest Arts & Crafts shop.

eco print 400 x 350.jpg

Julie Sweeney - Eco Printing on natural fibre

Julie trained as an art teacher majoring in Textiles. This allowed her to gain a thorough and wide knowledge of many techniques associated with fabric and fibres coupled with drawing methods. More recently, after her family moved to Hampton, she has begun to explore other mediums in an attempt to understand and portray the character and scenes which give this area a sense of place.

At the Festival Julie will demonstrate printing on natural fibres using high definition eco printing techniques using locally sourced native plants. The tannins drawn out of the foliage accurately portray shapes and colours familiar to our Hampton/Ravensbourne environment. The patterns are used on silk scarves, fabric and paper for a variety of products as well as unique art work.

Blue Boy 2017_Marg Shaw (400x421).jpg

Margaret Shaw - Mosaics

Marg was attracted to the mosaic medium not only by the colour, the patterns and the versatility of the art form, but also by its durability and seemingly endless variations. She feels a real affinity with the process  creates a meaningful image from so many dissimilar pieces: an image that is drawn by the careful arrangement and placing of each tessera in relation to the whole. Retirement from a professional career has provided that other essential element for art practise – time.

Marg will demonstrate  the various ways of cutting and shaping the materials and the methods of composition, design and actual construction. She will also demonstrate the use of the hammer and hardy, traditional tools that date back to Roman and Byzantine times. Tools that still hold a very real relevance in contemporary mosaic practise.

Charcoal Artsworx 2 400 x 330.jpg

Artsworx artists -

Aurora Elwell - charcoal

Aurora is interested in our connections with nature and objects. Her art is transformational and usually depicts people morphed with animals or objects such as houses. She uses her art as an emotional response to things where words often fail. She practices through many different mediums including drawing, paint and clay sculpture. 

Lauren Covey - ceramics

Pottery 2 400 x 300.jpg

Lauran is a current student in her third year at USQ studying ceramics. She came to study visual arts with the intention of pursuing painting but found herself drawn to the allure of clay due to its tactile nature. Ceramics is a diverse art form encompassing both sculptural and functional wares. She has explored a range of processes including slip casting, slap construction, jewellery making, glaze formulation, and recently have been focusing on wheel throwing. 


The Festival sincerely thanks USQ Artsworx, a major supporter of the Hampton Art Exhibition and Hampton Festival.